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September 26, 2010



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According to the forecasts of Western analysts (bank Goldman Sachs and agency Bloomberg), the price of gold is able to beat the historical apogee and cross the border at a thousand dollars. As soon as youre thinking about investing in gold, you may want to hurry. as the voice of an unwritten rule in advance go out into the market - to earn more. lonely with ways to invest in precious metals - to start a metal bank account. on the part of how it is to perform read in dop.materiale.

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Best in Russia trade highway Moscow - St. Petersburg, will appear soon. again in the middle of the last age of the authorized officials swore and swore as the construction of the highway will begin daily. In the style of talking then the first successor to CEO FGU Roads of Russia , Alexander Nosov, the first head of the road in the Moscow region will be put into operation before 2010. in general, but a tentative date for the construction of such large-scale projects is 5-8 years, said the Transport Ministry. It would seem that wait is a long way. Implementation of the project, then, was normal. Yes thats literally yesterday became to be known as project of the century, as it has been dubbed in the press, held an environmental assessment. but simultaneously, the construction has approved agency, including for the protection of the environment and technological developments in such projects - Rostekhnadzor. According to experts, the effect of the scheduled works will not cause irreparable harm to the environment. but the planned nature protection measures will reduce the harmful effects to a minimum. Still, experts note that if the work will be for the plans, they will be completed no earlier than 2020. And, then, dream ride with the breeze over the freeway, blood bait paying for the convenience and lack of traffic jams, no reason, and will remain dreams. At least for now ... However, everything consistently. Transport notice between the two capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg - vsegdhotya swept status rather than economic significance. Let us recall the Radischevskaya Journey to St. Petersburg to Moscow, where the author describes in detail, how was such a long and complicated (at the time!) Journey. Therefore, that the railroad, the horrors of the construction of which only impressively depict later, another classic - NA Nekrasov, was, of course, the technical breakthrough for the Russia of that era. As time goes on, and immediately from Moscow to the city for Neve and back can be punished by train, plane and car. a new way of movement preferred by some citizens who have their own wheels: tickets for the train is on sale does not always hold the dhoti a few hours driving forces behind each driver. but heres the main problem lies in wait. Connects the citys famous federal highway M10, which has recently been unable to cope with the flow of cars. Now in order to punish for a machine with Moscow to St. Petersburg, need only spend 7 hours driving through a number of settlements and overcoming the kilometers-long traffic jams. So the view to build a track-doubler in this direction in the air since the Soviet era. Nevertheless, if you do not have enough money, or instructions from above without any reason and not received - God knows. Now, if Russia all went to a market economy, has to be quite so - although esl th trasshotya pretty built, it is only for investors money, and travel is paid fairly. Public property promising to send for the improvement and construction of roads in the less popular regions, much sponsors in any way. but the remit of several hundred rubles for being able to punish to the destination quickly and comfortably is not so essential for anyone who runs between the two capitals. Officials, businessmen, dhoti just providing tourists gladly prefer to go for the money, rather than stuck in traffic jams for free. Fortunately, positive examples in other countries are - and the US and Europe build and operate toll highways long ago. The question is, what have I done? Nonetheless, and immediately officials of all ranks have preferred to wait for the highest permission. yes only after a few years ago, the head of Vladimir Putin himself gave the order to build a motorway from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the case moved forward. at the Transport Ministry announced how much the construction executed in stages rather for a concession basis. The length of the route through the Ring Road to the ring road of St. Petersburg is about 650 km. Roadway rather different widths - 10 lanes for the exit from Moscow, 8 pages - in Leningrad and Moscow regions, and six bands - for the Tver and Novgorod regions. The new road is not quite overlap with the old, and only every 25 miles it will connect with existing provincial roads with a special branch. There quite a charge for the use of line. By the way, about the price. Fees from clients of the new road is planned to take a differentiated - depending on a stretch of road. The most expensive pretty suburbs - one and a half rubles per kilometer. This is because, as a new route is too convenient to travel under construction for the terminal Sheremetyevo-3, which will surely appreciate air travelers. Further prices will fall, and in the middle of the road, some areas may be completely free of charge. but the average price per kilometer highway will be 40-60 cents. The order price quite comparable with the level of wages ... It should be accessible to the road - reassured by the way Deputy Transport Minister Sergei Aristov. In the range of topics, with the words of A. Nosov, building one kilometer of road will cost 10-30 million dollars but the overall advantage of the project, for his assessment - 6.5 billion dollars, from which $ 1 billion will have to head portion. In the preparation stage of the project all costs borne by the State, and after the planned connection of private investors. However, the latter is not eager to connect to a favorable, as promised government building. It is assumed, as it will be major Western construction companies and banks. Tender for the selection of the general investor the state plans to cheat this year. Previously it will favor the German Siemens, French Alstom and Canadas Bombardier. Nevertheless, more detailed information has yet been received. Perhaps the problem is still what it is. In the field, where quite build a future highway, located plots of land, in part including, private. The authorities plan to allocate money for withholding and land acquisition is almost building, although th esl need arise. On the part of the West but these situations are considerable risk for the investor. After all, the right of private property there is sacred, and as compensation for a person can ask for much overstatement. Yes the law is often only for his side. Therefore, the payment order, which gives part of the State in civilized countries are able to carry out the construction itself unprofitable. in any case, to deprive a long and complex negotiations can not do. In Russia similar case occurred in South Butovo. Moscow authorities are still unable to come to compromise a few families, a place for private homes are planned to build a new neighborhood. on the case but the highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg in a similar situation may get federal officials already together with private investors. At first the exact path of the future highway is carefully concealed from the fear of many unscrupulous dealers but then begin for cheap to buy some citizens land plots located for road construction. Then the scammers will sell them to developers, and the explicit but not for the price. We only know how in the Leningrad region trail rather go through Tosnensky areas, starting a local ring road. Of course, the money for a possible land purchase in the budget laid down, but it is unknown whether the plan will cover the costs. Especially if the crooks, suddenly, warning in advance. In addition, high-yield they travel business can those around us and not to be. Experts estimate that if the world average, such projects pay off for 7-10 years, the Russian realities period may fall to 20 or more years. but this time in our country is assumed not accepted: native business considers futile any attachments for over three years. Delayed launch for another indefinite period of time only reinforces the decision of those who decided to wait to invest in the property line. Like, who knows how to turn it once. for the sake of those who looked forward to the commissioning of a new line of European level, all the same it does not bode well. ring costs for the intention to exceed the budgeted, investors will recoup that is for the consumer. So how gentle of prices, painted above is probably not replayed in our favor.   Natalia Bokareva intentionally to Point.ruSimilar records:

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