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May 31, 2009


Tracey J  Wadsworth-Noll Studio

I swear woman - you breathe inspiration!
-that quote by van Gogh- is my favorite- I found it a few years ago on a "vintage" metal sign- it hangs in my studio and is the first thing I see every day I step through the doors... Inspiring indeed!
Bright Blessings!


Okay, here I was goofing off on the 'puter...now I have to run and play in my journal! :)


I'll take some of that! Thanks, Bella, for getting us going!


Yes! Journaling does all of those things for me. I'm new at it (just started in November) and I don't know how I survived so long without it. Great idea keeping the "goods" in a vintage suitcase too.

Rebecca Anthony

I enjoyed visiting your blog and your opening message is so true, I can totally relate!!

Sandy Proulx

Great blog - I love your banner. I viewed the video of your journal - your journal is awesome. Thanks for sharing your art!


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Great tool was a military attache, then? Three men - a military attache and two assistants. starting with the view of the apparatus facing the problems in the formative stage, it was quite enough. In the spirit Ive heard, if a person has a passport stamp on how much he was the one with the Arab, Israel unfriendly countries to enter him in the Promised Land is prohibited. This is a complete misconception. Israel considers itself a democratic country, to a large extent even though the marketing is. Israelis are not in any way impair the right of everyone to visit any country, making, however, one caveat: because the airport security service is very attentive to people who have visited Arab countries, they are sure to detail interrogate these people. Only these interviews are largely ceremonial in nature. is stamped with a visa of any Arab country is not an obstacle to entry. Rather, the Israeli visa in your passport closes the road in some Arab countries. only their number is always less. umneet globe. To you there is not looked askance, mindful of the work in two Arab countries? unexpectedly recruited by the Arabs? No, absolutely not. Israel has opened to me from an unexpected quarter, as the advance was his complete isolation from Russia, and how much is really happening there was unknown. I like the military, it was interesting to test the system construction of the Israeli armed forces, whatever the state cares about the military, preparing for care in retirement on social protection of servicemen. Youve asked yourself the question why Russian Jews who lived in the capital, had a good apartment, high-paying job, leaving a permanent home in Israel, losing for many? Sure. we understand treats people who left for Israel with hotspots - Armenian, Azerbaijani Jews from the Central Asian republics, which had no choice but to flee, abandoning everything. only with the Capitals ... yes the answer to your question in most cases was as follows: people, especially in the early 90s, went for common sense, social and state protection for good health care, which did not have in Russia, they said. By and about the circumstances of each were the bait, sometimes very ordinary and even tragic. All this was interesting to me. Know how much Israel is quite a closed state, so perhaps the problem was not easy to do? Indeed, Israel is closely guarded by the lure of military and political secrets, but rather open information, communication with the military leadership, briefings, which were fine for accredited military attaches. Briefings were held with the departure of the Golan Heights, Israeli troops have shown, using models of terrain, the actual line forces in the border with Lebanon and Syria. within Israel, then it was presented more than 40 foreign military attaches. otherwise it was quite pretty legitimate, legal methods of work. So how much, always have been unjustly seamlessly? Absolutely not. for Israel is actively held unjustly called preventive measures aimed at curbing the activities of foreign intelligence. Suffice it to say how many Russian-language newspapers during the time appeared to declare the type: the citizens, to whom has been committed by an imaginary approach (an attempt at recruitment. - NP) from the secret services of Russia, can call up such a phone, anonymity is guaranteed . Please call and citizens who know anything about the activities of the Russian secret services in Israel. Yes I must say, people in Israel itself shows a high vigilance. Because even a relatively primitive counterinforming activity to produce results. Perhaps because, as a country for decades is in the unfriendly environment? Possibly. By the way, the punishment for spying in Israel rather brutal - to life imprisonment. Suffice it to recall the case of Mordechai Vanunu, who had his own initiative, decided to pass on the secrets of Israels nuclear industry. He was a woman who aptly rubbed for his confidence, was kidnapped by Israeli secret services from Italy and sentenced to 18 years in prison, spent in total isolation for 11 years, but was released in the freedom of old age. There were cases smaller. Jews - the patriots of the state, and spies among them a little bit. I think so much. Patriotism is there really high. I was mostly surprised by the high motivation for military service. It is obligatory there lko knowledge to young people, but for the girls - only the period of building smaller, and the girls are mostly at headquarters, engaged in office administration. Engage in such posts majors and lieutenant colonels unproductive, although about us in Russia it is done. Not to cause in the army for a young person - is as a punishment. About what was around us and in the Soviet years. Remember the movie Maxim Perepelitsa - there is a rustic gathering of the young man refused the right to go into the army, and it was for him a tragedy. Unfortunately, about the time we have sunk into oblivion, without delay prowess is not to serve. And in Israel, if a young man comes to adapt to the work and about his track record is not marked service in the army, looking inquiringly at him: but if he is not weak, arms and legs in place? Served in the Army has a number of privileges in the study may have about the benefits of university admissions. Yes residents belong to the military, respectively. for Israel is very high mobilization readiness, about their stockpiles of the armed forces - truly battle-worthy troops, ready as soon as possible to begin to build. When you declare a general mobilization, each tradesman Israel, having a car (and there in every family car), a mandatory order should lift voices of the soldiers with weapons by the way of collection to the alarm. On this ever know, and no failure ever. Same number but did not like it, caused rejection? To eat things that are negative everywhere, in every country. This, for example, tediousness, style didacticism, some petty, drive, or even aggression, mostly about the religious part of the Israelis. There was a case of religious quarter, if I just asked about the mandatory donations to the construction of the synagogue. Yes how much? Can not remember ten or twenty shekels. What language is spoken there? Studied Hebrew before the trip? Hebrew there is no reason I have not learned. Perhaps because of their laziness. Dhoti motivation was not, as we are Israelis with whom I had to communicate, beautifully spoken in English, my working language since college days. In addition, as many Israelis said a little Russian. It is a country where practically possible to be one of the Russian language, but only for foreigners, while living in the country. only to begin a full member of society should learn Hebrew. in this species where conditions are created constantly, it was the desire to desire. We had to happen out there with someone with his old acquaintances? During my time, I studied at the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute of Communications. Bonch-Bruevich, in which nearly 90% of students and teachers were as used to say before, persons of Jewish nationality. Institute of joke called Bonch-Evreicha. for Israel, I met their fellow students. We talked about the patriotism of Israelis, but how he, as people came even from Europe, Africa and America. Its totally different people have developed in completely different conditions? Came to Israel CoML do military service is voluntary. Only those born in Israel, are required. They are the backbone of the armed forces. Speaking of maturity. According to Jewish notions of maturity occurs at age 13. during this age, boys are dedication ceremony for an adult life - barmitsva, after which the young man himself is responsible for the actions of the bait. But those who did not want to serve in the future rather difficult to build their lives. To eat in the Israeli army hazing? There it is practically not, although some elements occur, but are not widespread. What the Russian army was worth about a desire to learn from the Israeli army? The above-view, a very interesting device of the armed forces of Israel. They have very clear pyramid ranks. Highest military name in Israel - Lieutenant-General, such straps is only the Chief of General Staff. Two lieutenant-general at the same time the Israeli army can not be. Maj. Gen. almost 20 - 25, a brigadier general of the order of 50 colonels - 150. Is strictly rejuvenation of personnel: Every officer knows knowledge lko year, but the day and hour when he must make room and to avoid the resignation. Yes to extend the service can not? May. only the number of officers of certain rank all the time. unbearably rare cases, if a man, later graduated from high school, pops up in a higher position in advance of his older companion. in this species must possess a special talent. Naturally, many random people in the leadership of Pr at th scenario can not be. As you know, Israel has the lure of the hot spots. This is the Lebanese border, the Syrian border. So, an officer with the rank of Major, who served in combat units, gets in a few times more than the same officer in the central office of the Ministry of Defense or General Staff. during the time when I was there, staff officer could get 3 thousand dollars a month, a military officer - 6 - 7 thousand unbearable causality built teaching of social protection and medical support personnel. Queue in the house almost none. Officers receive grants to sublet housing, automobile use in gasoline. According to various reports, the military in Israel do not leave with the weapon even off duty. Yes, and the soldiers and officers are constantly carry weapons with them. They have no weapons of rooms in our understanding. When there is no m obilizatsii, the soldiers spend the night at home. for they are part of Friday evening, and after a personal weapon to disperse their homes. Unauthorized use of weapons are very rare. Possibility of disputes to the fact there is about Israels nuclear weapons. Do you require guidance information in this regard? Israeli nuclear capability for keeping the world and I am no exception. Official sources to support or refute the presence of about Israels nuclear weapons, has never been and never will. Know how many in this country there is a nuclear center, known as he is in the desert south of the country, but what they were doing, what the true good of the nuclear industry - the secret behind seven seals. (Recently, the 39 th governor Jimmy Carter violated an unspoken vow of silence about the nuclear capabilities of Israel, publicly announcing his presence near Tel Aviv capacity of 150 or more nuclear warheads. - NP) is known, however, how many nuclear tests in the territory of Israel was not. Yes, if nuclear weapons are there, so it was delivered? As far as I know, not really test it. Starting with chemical weapons that a story? All that concerns weapons of mass destruction, no country in the world recognizes how near it is a thing like that. Because of those four years, how have you been in Israel, the Israelis conducted any operations? For example, the bombing of the nuclear center of a neighboring Arab country. For my presence there of a broad front unfolding terrorist attacks by Arab extremist organizations. inseparable from the principles, as I previously said, Israeli military - not to throw away with no small shock to their territory, in a blow to answer another big blow. in the spirit just by the Arabs began to rocket fire into Israeli territory, then a rising Air Force Israel and strike back to their camps. in the spirit of the rule, civilians are warned about this. So only the victims were between the civilian population. Soviet relationship h Often accused of state anti-Semitism. also has elements of nationalism in Israel? Non-Jewish person in Israel, in principle, can not be, because the law provides for the return to about the Jewish roots were returned to the female line. just happens, how about a Jewish womans husband - a Russian. or about a husband-wife is Russian Jew. So, if we talk about anti-Semitism on the contrary, the Russian in the Jewish cemetery is buried can not be. In general, Israel - a state not a secular and not religious in its pure form, such as Saudi Arabia or Libya, but the belief there is not separated from gosudarstvhotya is part of state ideology. For example, the Shabbat, that is, from sunset Friday until sunset on Saturday, can not work. Even state visits at this time does not hold. It is strange - you can not work ... Banquet Friday in Israel - its like November 7th or May 1 in the Soviet Union, is in general the official attitude. slept well on Saturday, the whole family out to walk. This is, in the above opinion, rallying the nation, strengthen the family. Still Shabbat Shabbat, but an ambulance, fire and police work. In general, in Israel a few with the dominant principles - common sense as far as I vsegdhotya mponirovalo. Yes in general, I do not understand people who speak unflattering about the people among whom they live, even temporarily. he has never used expressions like these italyashki, Frozen Swedes although more. Professional should be stopped, a loving host country and its people, or success in work as their ears. as it does take a lot of reading about the history of the country, its customs and culture. As far as I know, and some Soviet holidays in Israel say. During the 1995 Israel celebrates its 50 th anniversary of the victory during the Second World War. Noted, in contrast with what was then Russia, which struck me sweep. The Israeli authorities decided to execute the sentence on that day a public holiday and public holiday. number of veterans of the Second World out there very much. for PSI Aileu has two large, powerful organizations: one - disabled, the other - war veterans. Disabilities care: large grants, providing trucks, medical support to be sent to treatment abroad. Participants in the war a day Victory organize some kind of gatherings, may feast to the entire country. On the approaches to Jerusalem is an imaginary wood of the Red Army. Place on May 9 come all who can, are holding a meeting - how about us veterans are going around the Bolshoi Theater. One of recreation centers in the Dead a lot in 1994, I met war-disabled, a person deprived of his feet. He told me: Son, in Russia, I wish he died long ago, I was not there in how to live. It gave me a home, car, pension. We dream to veterans in Russia, life was no reason the same. during that time in Russia, knowledge of how much pension - wage Colonel barely enough to make ends meet. Otherwise the budget allows Israel to take care of veterans? For Israel is very high taxes, which for many and are directed to social programs. Evil tongues say how much the country of Israel raised its economy in the German reparation money, and after a course of many years of receiving them from Germany. Did not know whether this is true, but surely how much Israel is helping the various funds. did not forget about the huge number of wealthy Jews around the world to that list the money. This is some kind of agreement or a man gives to the soul? No law to do so does not require - that is, in the above opinion, national corporate. Germany is actually allocated to the Israeli budget significant funds. However, as Russian Jews. Which industries are most developed in Israel? Military Industry. Israel was able to create a fighter belonging to the Lavi, reminiscent of an American F-16 he flew, but the series did not go because it is too expensive, cheaper to buy about someone. no secret of how much Israel is largely uses U.S. military aid th. during my time is expressed as a sum of $ 2,200,000,000, of course, were not money, and weapons, especially air force and air defense assets. only here the tank Merkava, for example, created and produced the Israelis themselves. needs to understand: to establish the action of tanks, occupation as a whole should be a high level. Most of the Israeli economy is constructed of high-tech industries - precision-guided munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronics, avionics, they are very trendy rnizatsii succeeded the Soviet and Russian equipment, which extended to the whole world. Sometimes the part of Israel even observed unfair competition. Yes we are here to disagree about copying. for virtue, but in Israel a lot of engineering and technical staff of Russian origin, some of whom worked in the defense industry, know our equipment and weapons. so now the Israelis upgraded MiG-21, and is very good, and began to make it to third countries.

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and the authors of an emergency package of measures calculated for a political sentence - with the fate of Fannie and Freddie builds the trust of international investors for the stock market SShno dollar as a reserve currency.According to the end of March, a fifth of all debt issued by Fannie and Freddie, or 1.5 trillion dollars of foreign investors. According to the newspaper New York Times, the largest purchaser of debt obligations of Fannie and Freddie was China - for 386 billion dollars, and Japan - for 229 billion dollars.Russia in this list stands for third place with a size of 75 billion dollars.

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