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April 03, 2009



that's just pretty fantastic! congrats!!

Claudia Rohling

Oh! Congratulations Hon! No one could deserve it more! I am so pleased for you!


Well I think it is brilliant news and long overdue......and with your amazing talents it is indeed long overdue...have fun and enjoy it...well done


wow c'est une très belle nouvelle, toutes mes félicitations !!


Now take a deep breath!! This is fabulous news and you need to enjoy it. Have fun with it. Congratulations hun!!! This is super news. You have to keep me posted when it is published so that I can get a copy!!

jill k

Dear Izabella - i can't believe it took "artful blogging" this long to invite you! I found your blog by mistake a year ago and as a beginning artist, I have been loving, inspired, and encouraged by you ever since. Congrats! jill

Bonnie Pilon

Congratulations beautiful Bella Blue! :) I told you your art work was going to be hugely successful a few months ago! May blessings from heaven FLOW into your life--most importantly the gift of shalom (which translates more like NOTHING missing, NOTHING lacking, NOTHING broken) Now thats what I call Peace. :)


girl... you rock our world on a continuous basis! you are always taking care of your community and i couldn't be happier that you are being recognized for your incredible work... well done... you totally deserve this acknowledgment!
big love!

jann forever

what a honor Bella and NO ONE deserves it more than you . Very many congrats on this, you so deserve this for all the hard work you have given to so many of us, for all you do - this reward is for you :) I know you will do fine with the writing - if anyone can pull it off YOU can. See how much faith and belief I have in you my dear friend. Just remember, when I grow up I want to be just like you - hehe.
Love ya honey......


You deserve it, you are fabulous!!

Joanna Pierotti

oh Bella, I am so happy to read this. You soooooooooo deserve it my dear, but I know how humble you are too. All the more deserving.
love you,

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