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March 13, 2009



They ALL draw me in! They are all just gorgeous!


Wow!!! These are fabulous!! I too love them all. But if I had to chose, I would say the first one and the last one draw me in the most. I love these Isabella. Too cool!!

Lisa Gallup

Very cool!! I love the 2nd one! It reminds me of old dusty furniture in an attic....and a story about the lady! :)

Jillian Schneider

I love the 3rd one down from the top: love the darkness of it, yet the softness of the roses..like some old victorian secret


Christine Duncan

I have nominated your blog for an award - I know Jillian already nominated you - so I guess you are getting it twice - lucky you!!!
Hope you are well!

Renee Khan

For me it is the 3rd one, smack dab in the middle.



joanna pierotti

Bella, these are awesome. I love the 2nd and 3rd. Makes me want to go get tattoos like this on my face...lol


These are all alluring in their on separate ways. BUT if I had to choose the most appealing to me or the one that speaks to me is the one at top with the blue face. Although the one on the bottom with the white face also draws me in the blue one feels like it says more!
Great work!


Which one draws me in... at first I thought the first, but then I went to the last... I just kept staring at them but then settled on the 4th... Not sure why but after checking them all out that is the one I kept going back too... Love it! Have a great week!

Cristina Zinnia Galliher

The second, third and fourth one are awesome! I can't decide if I like one better than another...they are really beautiful! Zinnia

Healing Expressions

These are just beautiful my dear! Each one has a unique and haunting intrigue to me!
XO Lani


izabella!! wowo!! your art is amazing!!! incredible!!! i love all that you do!! vrey clever.. and colours wowowowowowowowwwwwww!! (sorry for my bad english.. i'm a poor little french.. LOL)

Pam Carriker

Hi Bella, they are all fabulous, but I too loved the first one! Very beautiful!!

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