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September 30, 2008



hi Bella
just making my blog rounds and wanted to leave you hugs and best wishes. Always keeping you in my prayers! Getting scheluded for sonagram for the gall bladder so it will be great to have that taken care of.
God keep you safe and healthy

Stephanie Wright

He left me breathless too! ahhh Edward! To pass your time you can go to stepheniemeyer.com and read extra bits of the story, she also has Edwards perspective of the Twilight story line. Be careful and don't click on the other titles in the series or you will see lots of spoilers, no matter how tempted you are it is not worth that!
and.............it gets even better!


My daughter and I too were sucked in and both felt an amazing experience. I have all my life had a fascination with vampires, Lestat was one of my favorites and you're right, the book wasn't the best, fancy or creative but it sucks you in! :-)

Maija Lepore

Me too! How can grown woman get so much pleasure from reading a book that was written for young women?!?! I wish my high school romance was like that...


Hey Bella,
Oh my goodness. I picked this book up not knowing how deeply I would fall in love. I've finished every book in the series, passed them on to my sister who has also now finished them and her daughter is working on the 3rd book in the series. We await the movie. I can't believe they hpye these books only to Young Adults. We "old" adults love Edward, Bella and Jacob too.


Hello Dear! I simply must read this book! Thanks for sharing!!!

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