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February 13, 2008


Maija Lepore

Your stories are so special and moving - I got chills. It's nice to know that people are really living the pay it forward, Christian life!


That is such an awesome and inspiring story!! I can remember once as a child being in the grocery store with my Dad - we were behind a young mother who was struggling with a couple of very young children - she had the usual "mom stuff" on the counter (diapers, formula, cheerios, etc.) When the total rang up she looked desperately in her purse to pay the tab - she obviously had realized she didn't have that much money with her. The clerk began to get impatient and rude and I can remember feeling embarrassed for this lady. My Dad walked up to the cler and said to add his things to the bill and he would pay it all. The young mother had tears in her eyes and thanked him profusely - the clerk told my Dad he didn't need to do that. My Dad just smiled and said yes he did :-) The lady asked for his name and number and said she would send him the money, and my Dad said no, just return the favor someday. I was in complete awe of the whole situation - I had never, even to this day, witnessed such a huge act of kindness from anyone in a situation like that.
My Dad passed away 2 yrs ago and I don't believe he ever saw that woman again - nor will I. But, in my heart I truly believe that young mother did indeed Pay It Forward :-)

Thank you for sharing this entry in your blog with us on Etsy Izabella! God Bless!!!

kelly snelling

oh my that is so miraculous and beautiful! it is inspiring, izabella. thank you for sharing this with me. xo-k


Oh, that is just too wonderful to read about. *warm fuzzy*

Maybe it'll give you another warm fuzzy to know ... you won my OWOH giveway, l'il miss sunflower bear! :D Please email me (latharia at comcast dot net) with your mailing address information!


What a beautiful post,thank you for sharing this.Happy Valentines Day.

Angela Westermann

WOW Bella that is a beautiful story. I got into mail art because of someone who gave me a piece of art. I was floored that a complete stranger would do something like that. This year i have made it a goal, i RAK (random act of kindness) at least someone every week via mail. it has been SO rewarding.
I am so happy for you.
ANg (altermyworld)

Judy K

Wow Bella! That is an amazing story! I'll bet that man was one of God's angels. I'm so happy for you! After I read your first post on the PIF (I missed winning yours! lol!) I thought it was a great idea and I would do it too. I had never heard of it before. I don't have many readers yet so I'm not sure how that will work but I already said on my blog I would do a giveaway more often after this ONE World One heart event.

God Bless you


Thank you, Bella, for sharing - I got what I need - a good and inspiring story to lift up my own spirit! I don't know how or what, but I hope to start PIF tomorrow.

Hilary K

wow, that is really inspiring. i am new to etsy and I am going to list some PIF items.

so beautiful what those ppl did for you!

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