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November 14, 2007


Michelle Ward

Izabella - glad to have you join in our Muse Crusade! I'm listening to your Youtube video while I'm here....loving hearing Amy's haunting lovely voice and it makes me want to go paint and grunge up some pages so I'm with you on the Music Muse. And poetry....I close my eyes and think of favorites too. And online friends - that's a good one. Now who is SK?


Hi Izabella, Thank you for stopping into my blog. Your Etsy shop and work have been a favorite of mine. I adore Carlene also, and Im glad you found me thru her. I cant wait to come back to visit. My Inspiration would have to be everything going on around me. Living in los angeles I am exposed to so much and I take it in and it comes out in my Jewelry mostly. Great Blog. Jamie

Kathleen Marie

I have written poetry - my muse - and stories but wrote a poem once about my muse or to my muse - depending on how you look at it. Poetry and music are so closely related I think...cousins to be sure.

Maybe I will share it on my blog soon.



I notice you have Lacuna Coil at the top of your page. I finds them fab to creat to - must be something about the guitars......

Love your art - the colours, the richness.....oohhh!


Your post was passionate, informative, artistic and overall wonderful. I am sustained by poetry as well. So glad to "meet" you. jodi barone


and you aMUSE us with this MUSing - you are a MUSE to many no doubt - MUSic for sure - oh yes... got that right...

xox - eb.


Excellent post and very inspiring! Love the image you found of The Muses as well!


SUCH beautiful images here. Yummy yummy. I will be checking back, lots.


I have a question, where did you get the photo? Who is the artist??


I have a question...where did you get the lovely image of the nine muses? Who is the artist?? I must know!

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