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May 24, 2007



you know, I just assumed that you already used photoshop on your pieces....now I am even more in awe with what you do....

I am too old school to do anything with photoshop with art, it seems too high tech for me.



I agree with Marsha. It really reminds me of your beautiful feminine art! And you don't use Photoshop?!! I'd be curious to read about your process :-)

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Marsha is right...that is very much your style...

Nicole Z.

Looks faaab mate. ;) I have some great news for you, I am published at www.artchixstudio.com in 4-8 weeks as featured artist. This is soooo great ;)


That does look like your style of art~ Very interesting!!
But this got me to thinking about your artwork~maybe there is a bigger market for your style than first thought? Perhaps you should market yourself as an illustrator and start contacting people in the book industry, video, stationery, etc. I truly believe that YOUR ART is more marketable on a bigger scale than most peoples collages/altered art {whatever you prefer to call it, because I'm not sure}, because yours is unique and stands out, really. I mean it!!


hi Bella
Totally agree about the whole illustration thing - I would love to pick up a book & see your work on the cover. Also you can download Gimp & it does pretty much what photoshop does. Just google Gimp (I don't know how to put a link in here). Totally free. I love it. O & the book cover above is very reminiscent of your work. 'cept I like yours better :)


Oh I have had to order this book (and 'The Great Stink') this second! I had never heard of it but it sounds like just the sort of read that I can completely lose myself in.

And I can absolutely see the resemblance - but I still feel your work is so utterly original and clearly very personal. I just adore it.

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