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May 31, 2007



Dearest Bella! Thanks to that coffee, you visited my blog right after 11pm your time last night! Awesome!

I hope all is well with you sweetie! Have a great weekend. Hugs and love!


Morning Bella! Thanks for dropping by my blog...I love the changes you've made to yours!...you must have brighted it up slightly as I can now see the red lettering and congrats to you for raising $1500 for Bernie's dogs! BRAVO! That's great!

I'll have to catch up now re: Seatle vs. Vegas...keep cool!


Hey there! I am sorry to hear about postponing the move to Seattle, but happy to hear about your upcoming trip and fun. Things in Las Vegas will pick up again soon, don't worry! Are we allowed to copy the wonderful men photos? I am always so focused on the children and women that I forget about the men! LOL!!! Love, Jamie


oh no...I have to wonder what time you actually fell asleep...did you fall asleep?????


This iced drink looks yummy. ;)

Judy K

LOLOL! I laughed so hard when I read this! lol! And thanks to your coffee we had the nicest chat last night! :) You have the best since of humour!

BTW..nice job on your blog and thanks for the help.

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