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May 26, 2007



Ah, 17 I had the SAME experience! LOL After all he is MY pretend boyfriend! Fight ya! Giggle I know No 3 is because you are beautiful not only on the outside but inside and the shining bright light coming from you makes them mad because they don't have it! : )

And I will do write my answers soon! Hugs Gypsy


What a wonderful list! How interesting your life was/still is!!!! Thanks for sharing.


I find it amazing that anyone could be unkind to you! What a cool job, choosing bands! I bet that was your favorite ever.

Tiffini Elektra X

Holy Moly - what a life! Fantastic and fascinating! Definitely can not wait to hear more of #1. Wow - you rock!


Wowser...you should write a book! I've never read so much drama all in one posting...what a life you've had! I really enjoying reading it and learning so much about you.

Got to tell you, also, that I love this musicjesus.com site!! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

Gypsy Purple

Oh my...I`m behind....I`ll get to this soon...


Wow!! What an amazing life - all that has happened and all that is still to come. I too wanted to be either an archaeologist or paleontologist! (I think if truth be told I would still love to...)

And as exciting and dramatic as many of your experiences are - it is no's 7 and 8 which I found the most moving - any person who thinks of others and carries out these small anonymous acts of generosity - well I think that says so much about your persona and character - one of incredible inner and outer beauty.

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing memories and facts.

Pilar Pollock

What an interesting life you have lead! Thanks for sharing your experiences in this list. :D


Hi Bella,

OMG I ALWAYS have the same problem as you(#3) In high school I had girls that always wanted to beat me up, or they would push me in the hall and be mean in gym class, and I was always so shy I never did anything to provoke it. And even now I still have that happen to me. I had a neighbor where I used to live in Illinois, and I tried to be so nice to her but she just hated me, and would go out of her way to say rude things. I would try to pet their dog and she would yell out the window at me. I thought I was only one that happened to! Thanks for posting that, I don't feel so alone now! Oh, and I also kissed Johnny Depp....In a dream!

mary franzenburg

You are so cool. I understand.

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