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May 27, 2007



Izabella, you have to go check out this website~I wrote about it on my blog with a few pix. But you have to see it for yourself~very similar to yours, with all the scrolly-curly things in some of her artwork. And her style, the essence behind the images, very soulful like yours.
I just came across it tonight!!

Check it out!!


Oh! Bella

I’m so delighted and amazed!!! Here are so incredible pictures; I just love everything you done!
And so interesting stuff to read. I must come back, but you are sensational artist and very beautiful woman in everything….


These are looking great and awesome. I also have some new art on my blog. Please go and look, I think it is a good one this time. :)

Ro Bruhn

Love your art and your jewellery. The images are fabulous, great colours. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Gypsy Purple

I`m catching up on posts & e-mails....

These are stunning!!!!!!!


Oh Bella - I am catching up on your blog and am just feeling so inspired and overwhelmed by all your beautiful work and posts! This really is a lovely place to visit and I have missed it. The images you show today are just beautiful. The colours and textures divine. I hope you are well!


I'm glad I found your blog Bella, love these new pieces, you have such a beautiful way with light and shade.


oh my these are amazing!!!! what unbelieveable colors you can create Love them dear!!! Hugs LInda


oh, how do you do it...HOW???? (shakes fist to the heavens)

in all seriousness, you are amazing, we use some of the same images in our work but they are so different, I love that.

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