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May 30, 2007



Wishing you much flow with your summer plans! If life has taught me something it's that timing is key and being brave enough to change our plans and go with the flow instead of "efforting" usually brings about a huge relief and freed-up energy. A huge Phew! And before you know, things flow again. New doors open. New opportunities present themselves and new solutions are born. Have a great and fun summer!


Hope you will have more luck eith selling sour house soon. ;)


Oh Bella, I feel your pain~We had our house on the makret last summer, took it when school started. And here we are again, 4 months with the 4 sale sign up. So, I know about everythng being packed and in boxes. I've been living like for almost a year and a half now. I want to move though. Sorry to hear your doors are closing though. washington state looks beautiful from what I've seen of it on tv anyways ;)
Good luck with everything!!


O sounds like so much fun. As long as you're ok with taking the house off the market I'm very happy for you. No more worries (well at least not about selling!)
But you will be so very, very missed if you shut down your blog for the summer.


Selling is such a pain, no sense trying to deal with it when the market is down-smart move! And I'm so jealous-I adore Seattle! Have a GREAT time and enjoy every minute of it.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Maybe another ooportunity is waiting for you, but while focussing on the sale, you can not see it....glad you give yourself time...relaxing always makes me "hear" better as well....I will keep thinking and praying for peace and wisdom...

Altered Antiquity

Maybe it wasn't in the stars to sell your house at this time, especially with your summer plans. Have a wonderful time in Seattle!


first, the image today is beautiful.

second...I have always rather enjoyed living out of a suitcase, but that is just me.

That sort f sucks about not moving, but everything happens for a reason, maybe you are not meant to move yet.



I cannot say much that has not already been said here. As long as you are happy then that's all that counts. ciao


gorgeous image...good luck with whatever happens!


Hi, Bella ~

It's good to read that you've made a decision about your house and are at peace with it, and moving ahead with other plans. Some time away in Seattle is exactly what you need, and deserve. And just think ~ you can beat the heat! Seriously, this is just a slight detour on your path, a little side road you hadn't intended to take at first. But you never know what kinds of wonderful things and surprises lie ahead, waiting to be discovered along this new path. Follow it, and be amazed at the fullness life has in store for you.



There must be something really magical awaiting you in LV if the Fates are so busy keeping you there.

Meanwhile, have an outrageous time gypsy-ing around. I'll be home doing art and longing for the road!

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