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March 31, 2007



Hey you wrote my story there, everything fits me perfectly. I've had so strange period in my life, most painful. I have found also something new in this blog world, and my new art is something totally different...I thinks that's why I'm so touched with your art.

Nicole Z.

Wonderful words mate, thanks, they touched me. ;)


don't doubt yourself dear Izabella, you do have the words, full of heart!
beautiful collage as usual!
how long have you been making mixed media art?
how did you begin?

many blessings***


I love the idea of painting your demons away....

I started doing art after an ex read all my journals, I felt like words betrayed me...

art saved me, I think it has saved many of us.


Judy Scott

Dear Izabella ~ so beautiful ~ sad and happy ~ eveyone is different and it is scary to 'talk' but for me I had to, as I'd kept silent too long and my head was bursting.
Your art is very haunting and always beautiful, JoAnna will love this Im sure.
Whatever you do you will have your friends to listen xx Judy x


Bella...thank you for sharing that much with us. I feel as you, I'm torn with how much to share too because it makes you feel vunerable.

I love your work because it IS emotional.

We care to listen to as much r as little as you want to share.
Judy K

One Wink

Wow, your post as well as the ensuing comments are so full of emotion. Let this be testament to the fact that we are all in "this" together and share the joys and pain in this Journey called Life. Let it help us to understand and be more tolerant of others. And let it be a thread to bind us all together. Whatever you're experiencing, Iz, you have my good thoughts and my virtual hugs.


Thank you for visiting and bringing me here. I will have to spend more time exploring your wonderful blog.

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