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March 20, 2007


Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Oh wow!!!
Great post.....let`s post this everywhere.....


Bravo!!!! :::clapping::: I will post it on my bloggy, too.


WoW! I agree 100% I'm so tired of people asking me to "just paint a little 5' x 5' (yes, foot!) painting or just remake this piece of jewelry..or the latest.."it would be good for your name to be in the auction fund raiser" ...etc etc! I have to admit I said no first each time but then relented and said yes.....

Nicole Z.

Hi dear, well I am doing art for arts sake not for paying, but there is much truth in this post, thinking about that, perhaps i will do trades between artists and get a glimpse to get my art selled I am not sure, but I am not sure that anyone would buy my artwork, go to my blog folks and tell me if you would buy my artwork? Hugs Nicole


I have this asked of me ALL THE TIME! Whether it is for my graphic design work or for larger scale items!

I get asked to do huge crazy quilt wallhangings for people and then they want to trade...

Eh, no, it would cost ME close to $1000 to do it not to mention MY time and energy and design work!

SO I have to agree with the post. It resonates only truth to my soul!


This is awesome, and so topical...at least 4 friends have brought this idea/concept up to me in the last week...I'm sending this link to several friends right now, thanx for sharing it!

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