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March 12, 2007



Green of spring… Green of life…. Green for happiness and luck.
My son and I have this thing for green of lately! His Soccer team's name is Celtics and their jerseys are green and today I bought him a pair of new socks with Celtic green. He spied a Celtic toque and now wants it. I told him to do great at the upcoming soccer tournament and that I'd buy him one but mentioned he love to wear it at the tournament. I suppose I could break a little and get him a lucky hat.
Lovely picture; has you might of guessed I love the color a whole lot.

p.s. How's your friend and how are you doing Bella?

Luv Annabelle

Nicole Z.

Oh great pic dear, love the colors. ;)


Love all the new work dear and love the mortgage broker!! too funny!!! we just gotta do what we gotta do don't we!!!! hehehe! Hugs Linda


lovely as always!


Love this piece - so dreamy - kind of how I feel at the moment -bet you can guess why!
Ciao and regards

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