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March 29, 2007



Wow! It's so gorgeous!!!


Very nice but I must admit I love the crystal pendants you made for E Bay...they look so old and ethereal. Good luck on your venture. I'm always broke and I hate counting my pennies; only wish I didn't have to. I too should do something to help this household but I can’t think of anything but my crafts and they cost money to make. Cest la vie!

Luv Annabelle

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

I`ve seen it and I also LOOOOVED it!!!


OMG, thank you...I was so surprised to come here and see that.

Gillian did all the hard work, I just had the fun of making the collage, lol.

We are thinking of doing a purse next, I am so excited about that it hurts.

thanks for writing about us, that totally made my day!!


Oh thank you so much for writing about this and showing the photos's. It made my day!!

And Jenn is far too modest ha ha!! Her artwork was PERFECT to work with!!

I do love your artwork and would love to collaborate with you on something in the future if you were interested!

Nicole Z.

Wow, great stuff, great ideas. ;)

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