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March 27, 2007



I am still engrossed by the last art you posted.


eye candy!!

Judy Scott

Beautiful song, and I too love your last art! Judy xxx


Oh Izabella - I love your blog and your name!! (one of my favourites). Of course I would love it if you featured my corset on your blog! I would feel very honoured - your art is wonderful and so inspiring.

I actually found your 'letter to an artist' in one of your previous posts and was wondering if I could 'borrow' it to put in my blog as I recognise so much of myself (or perhaps more the way I would 'hope' to be) in it. I would of course link it to your blog and the author. Just let me know!

A new blog to read!! Wonderful


Fun song to sing! Have fun with the visitor. We'll be waiting for ya.


Bella, dear, I love this song too. But I prefer the version by Patsy Cline. Have you heard it?

Nicole Z.

Great song, thanks for sharing. ;)

One Wink

This is definitely one of the best songs of all time. Thanks for sharing.
Hope you're enjoying entertaining. I bet you're a rilly rilly great hostess. :-)

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