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March 19, 2007


Nicole Z.

This piece looks stunning dear, absolutely wonderful. ;) Hugs Nicole


Poor Bernie, she called me the other day and said she didn't MEAN for them to start this early, but this lot did LOL. I told her, the universe decided the critters needed $$ NOW!

Your piece is lovely-and why aren't we on eachothers friends list, when we know all the same people???


but it's a great one! I like your sense of colours very much,here all the colours are just perfect,you often "dare" flashy colours but always very well mixed,and it's not so easy to do!

and yes! you should try to learn french you just need to start by learning grammar basis and I think after that, the web is a magical way to improve it and I've noticed you liked some french films, perhaps you watched them in english so now you know the story you can try with french subtitles, it's far more funny to learn this way than reading boring books!


Gorgeous collage Bella, will definately be bidding on this one!


wow, that piece is beautiful!

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