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January 24, 2007


Nicole Z.

I am not feeling very good today, but I am not depressed, only ill.



Funny...I think of the end of January as happy since we are a wee bit closer to spring.


Depressing? No! Not at all. In fact today I am feeling extra happy! The sky is so blue and I am looking at your beautiful art.
Today is a lovely day...


Oh, I hate to say it… but do I feel oh so blue! Every year at this time it gets me and yet the sky outside is a crystal blue with sparkling snow under a golden sun. I'm not the only one that feels this way; my girlfriend too feels the same. But like Sombra, your art inspires and gives joy, therefore uplifts my soul. Thanks Izabella.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo


Interesting...just a week or so ago, I heard on the radio that THAT day was the day most marriages ended! I wonder if there's any correlation to all the depression during the last week in January...hm.....

What you've done with this photograph is lovely, Bella! And not the least bit depressing! She's beautiful!


Nice post, can't say I feel the depression either...so that is good.
Your art is ever beautiful Bella!

Stacey Apeitos

Ah - it CAN'T POSSIBLY be the most depressing day of the year. It is my birthday!

Steve Racer

Hey! Thanks for posting a link to my book, God Loves the Freaks!

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