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January 31, 2007



OH PICK ME!!!! Oh my I just LOVE your new work dear!! and always LOVE your work!!! I love the true vintage look it has and the temptation to touch it!!! the beautiful layers and all your images are phenomenal!!!happy you came to visit my blog too have missed seeing your work so am happy I had time tonite to drool a bit!!!! Hugs Linda

Tanya Peacock

Whoo hoo! Sounds like fun!
I am going to have fun lookin' around your site here!



Oh forgot to say How MUCH I loved the new look of you blog!!! lovely!! Hugs Linda

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Oh, I sooooooooo hope it is me!!!!!


Sign me up! Margaret (made_maka from ZNE)

Tia Bailey

Oh pick me, pick me... (jumping out of my seat). I would love to be one of the chosen. hehe... Best wishes,


oooh oooh (My hand is waving in the air) Oh please put my name in the hat!!!! I am going to add you to the links on my blog for this - there are SO many (myself included) doing giveaways it's amazingly fun!

p.s. does your little one accept bribes? heehee


your inspirational juices are lubricating my dry spell of creativity.THANK YOU for this foreplay that delivers me into my next explosion of artwork that will go over the edge. My appetite has been starved for inspiration and I have become insatiated.I will be honored to be one of your chosen few.


Please add me!!! I think I will get some Moo cards soon! They look like sooooo much FUN! Come on over and sign up for my little crow! xo, Cinda http://www.turquoisecro.blogspot.com/

Rita Bellanca

OOH! How can I resist this offer! I just love your art Izabella! -Rita


Great idea I love this game!so I want to play too
(you should print them not only for the game...)


Oh I just love your Cleo de Merode collage and your spiritual art in general. Please put my name in your magic hat! Blessings,

Nicole Z.

I love your artwork and sure I like to have something from you. ;)


I'm in I'm in I'm in!!!!


Lisa sent me here and I am delighted. Love your work and would be thrilled to enter your drawing. I am off to bookmark you now!

Annieta Vries

Dear Izabella, I realy love to give this a try! How nice of you to give something away. "No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted"; this quote is on a stamp I own and I só agree!
Many greetings,

Annieta Vries (The Netherlands)


I'd love to be a winner, what a prize! Throw my name in. Thanks,Sue


Oh, Bella! Count me in, please! A piece of your art would be a treasure indeed!


oh! i would be thrilled if it was me! i love your art so izabella! you are a wonderful inspiration!


Oh, please put my name in your drawing. Thanks.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Blogger wouldn`t let me post yestarday...so I try again...please let it be me!!!



Oooh isn't this just so much fun?? hehe Please add my name in your draw:-) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway...I'll link you to the list of those participating:-) Hugs xox


Ooo! So much fun ... =^..^=

A new discovery for me ...
your blog & OH your art!

Found you on Pea's Links for the Valentine heART circle that has now fanned out into such a wonderful pattern!

Please, I would love to be in your giveaway drawing! Put my name in and I will cross my fingers!

If you are out and about ... stop by my blog & see if you might be interested in tossing your name into the teacup for my drawing on Friday the 9th ... I'll add your name to the list of lnked hot spots to check out!

=^..^= zU


Please add me to the drawing.


Oh! Maybe I can post today! Yesterday it wouldn't let me at all! Maybe it was everyone rushing over at once to try their luck in your drawing!

I could so use the cheer up!

Twirling and dancing the gypsy dance for you! : )


Wow, shades of Mata Hari!! Sign me up, please.


Please add me as well- I so love your work.

Kathleen Marie

Wow, this is so nice of you! Please add my name to the drawing. I love that first picture...the eyes hide yet say so much at the same time. Thanks for adding me to your flickr!

Blessings to you! Have a FABULOUS weekend.



I'd love to admire a piece of your work up close! Have a wonderful day!

While I'm at it I'll add my friend Dawn to the list!


Ok -- maybe 3rd time is a charm, having trouble posting.
I found your site yesterday -- your art is etherial, mysterious, I'm quite drawn to it. Please add me to the drawing...

Altered Angel

Wow I love your work!!! I always pop by for a look.

Please pick me all the way from the United Kingdom!!!

LOL sarah xx


I would love to be added! Please swing by before this evening to add your name to the pot for my giveaway which I'll be drawing for this evening :)


Send me an angel,inspire me and I’ll promise you true a current of words will flood through.Just adore your work Izabella.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo


Put me in the drawing please! Wonderful work!


Wow, another awesome arty blog, I will check back often. Please add me to the draw!!

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