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July 01, 2009


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Oh My,,,I can't believe what I just read! Ragpicker!!! That is so me.! That is what I must have been in my other life! A Czech gypsy ragpicker! Picking through treasures at thrift stores and garage sales makes my heart flutter! Thank you so very much for sharing with the world. dix--- Jak se mas from Texas (How are you.?)

Betty - The Gossamer Tearoom

Anais Nin is one of my favorite writers but I had never read this. Thank you!



I love this Bella! Are you feeling a bit like a Gypsy on your trek across country in your moving van!

I am keeping you in my prayers and sending you a BIG HUG!!!

Paul Herron

Cool take on Nin's story...such an iconic reference...such as in The White Stripes' "Rag & Bone".

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