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October 09, 2007


Judy K

I hope this doctor knows what he is talking about. You poor thing! How long do you have to be on this diet?



my dear...it takes a few days to get thru this withdrawal process...i have been there also...so hang in there because after tjhis passes, you don't crave anything again...your computer, that;s a real bummer...i pray it will be reovered...blessings, rebecca


That diet is probably how we are all supposed to eat - it is just so hard. I hope it makes you feel so wonderful that it is all worth it.
Fingers crossed for your files


Sounds like low carb, Atkins. It takes a while to get used to. DRINK WATER - 64 ounces at least each day. And green tea every day helps ya feel better. And eat a small meal with protein every 2 hours. That keeps the protein fueling you. It's easy to feel "sinky" on that Way of Eating, so the frequent little meals are crucial.

Great good luck, feel free to email me if ya need an ear.


I'm on a low carb diet and it works for me. It reduces cravings within a few days and after a while you don't even notice that you haven't even thought about food in hours. This is from someone who was raiding the frig every little while just before starting the diet. I'm a bread junkie.

Great site.

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