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October 18, 2007


Jill Q

Greeting from EJA. Love your work!

Would love to see 'He Told Her Things' on the Etsy Homepage - it's very special . . .

Jenni Pagano

Great Blog Bella!!! I vote for Etsy...who buys anything but bargains on ebay these days?
And of course, sell off your blog TOO!

Judy K

I agree with Jillian on both. Love He Told her Things! I wrestle with the same thing. After my fair what's left I'll put on Etsy. See I'm already figuring I'll have stuff. Probably everything! :-)
I like the blue one too! love how you did her lips and the way you paint your colors, it is your style!


I prefer Etsy, but it's only because if I really want something I don't want to compete for it; I just want to buy it NOW! LOL! But I guess Ebay reaches a larger market.

I'm not much help. Sorry.


love the art!


hmm,hard decision, I'd say etsy, but who knows they're really cool


Blue Girl is wonderful. I prefer Etsy over Ebay.

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