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April 23, 2007



LOLOL! I almost fell of my chair! You are too funny! I'm glad you're laughing about it because I know what a pain in the $%@# having strangers look a your living space.
So you know Seattle? I've never been there. I think sales are a little down everywhere but God is in control of it.

BTW..when you leave a comment on my blog and I click on your name, it brings me right to here. So that's good. I just made my store on ETSY..my username is JMKmini. Everyone is there so when you sell again..hope to see you there soon!


Lisa Oceandreamer

Wow, you have a lot going on! I had no idea you were moving or that you were from Seattle(or at least have lived there). I truly hope your house sells quickly and you are on your way to a new chapter. G and I are planning a trip to Seattle sometime this year. We want to drive up, see friends on the way and then perhaps take the fairy to BC. It really is so beautiful up there. I wish you so much happiness dear Bella.
I wouldn't leave your mummy friend out during open houses...you don't want anyone thinking the place is haunted. heehee
Sending good, positive vibes!!


hi Bella I lived in Washington (Richland) as a child & I still remember how beautiful it was. I envy you - isn't that terrible ?
I hope all goes well with your move - & I selfishly hope that it doesn't take you away from the computer for too long


Had no idea you were moving. I'm glad you're going back to a place you love and I hope your house sells quickly and for a great price. (for you, not them LOL)

Judy K

I'll pray you sell your house, I'm praying for God's will and God's timing.

love and xxs
Judy K

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Keeping my thumbs crossed .....positive vibes.....prayers.....and lots of hugs
Hard work hey....but you`ll be sleeping in Seattle....


Oh exciting times for you Izabella!! Wishing you positive thoughts for selling your house soon so you can make that move soon!!!


God Speed on the sale of your house!!For I know exxactly what you are going through. Mine will have been on the market 90 days in a few weeks and then we're thinking of pulling it back off...I hope you have better luck in Vegas than I am having here. Were you planning on being up in Seattle by the start of the new school year? That was our plan....Well, good luck!!!!


good luck with the move!!!!!! Moving sucks, it really does, but Seattle...oh, I've never been but I would love it I know.

I dig the rain, more than the sunny.

Kristen R

Sending lots of good thoughts..lots of buyers coming your way.



...you past that test!...

Wishing you creativity..
new adventures, peace and contentment with your move...

Hugs, Colleen


You are really busy. ;) Wish you much luck with selling this house and going back to Seattle. ;)


I believe in miracles, too! I'll be praying for a quick sale of your house and hope you get exactly what you are asking for it (or more!) Patience ~ strength ~ one day so very soon you and the boys will be back in your beloved Seattle, amongst all the friends and family you hold dear, and you can set about creating the life you truly deserve.

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