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April 24, 2007


Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Oh I wish all of that for you ...AND MORE.....much more!!!!!!

And yes...I`ll adopt you...doubt if you are younger than me...anyhow who`s counting...I`ll through you a stunning virtual homecoming party when you`ve moved in...and that`s a promise...so you`ll have to keep me up to date


I always thought it was very strange that such an atist was living in such a place which appears to me as the opposite of everything we know and we seeand we like from you on the web.
I suppose it wasn't a wish of your own,and I suppose it wasn't easy to adapt you in this city . And I think for artists the environment, the places , the city, the quarter or the house where they live in have a lot to do in their inspiration, and creation.
Courage for you moving!


this was a wonderful read...yeah you don;t strike me as a "Vegas" kind of girl....

oh and that necklace you just posted, it's magic yet again!!


I never really thought much about Vegas until my guy, Tim, drove through it and was telling me how glitzy but yucky it is. I'm so glad your precious soul will be dusting its feet of all that materialistic Vegas energy. I know it has no place there at all. Your kids are really blessed to have a Mom who knows a thing or two about the soul and its needs. :)


I got stuck once for three weeks in Vegas. It was purely hell.

We in the Northwest welcome you back!


I agree with the other posters, Bella. Your heart hasn't been in LV for a long time, if ever. Even though I don't know you all that well, it's been easy to gather that your true home lies elsewhere. I applaud your ability to look fearlessly at your life, know what you want, and summon the courage to let nothing daunt you. I wish you bountiful blessings as you proceed with the next "chapter."


Thanks Bella, glad to know I'm not alone in the way I feel about living amongst the glitz of money. It makes you realize whats important to you~and we both know what is truly important~Not about getting caught up in all the hoopla of the city!!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your house sells quickly!!

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