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April 18, 2007


karen Cole

Quite the incredible site!!!

Thank goodness I was home sick today so that I could spend some time floating through friends favorite places to visit.



Congratulations Bella! You deserve it! You always inspire me and get me thinking about what's going on deep inside me.
How do you tag people? Do you write their blog or email? Just curious.

Judy K

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

You totally, totally deserve it...and you get the "gypsy hug" as well, for saying such nice things about me


you deserve all the thinking blogger awards you get!!!

I am going to be packaging up you card today, now that I don;t have an injured bf under foot, lol.

I am sending you some bonus images and stuff that I know you will be able to turn into magic!!

karen Cole


Thanks for your beautiful comments. I'm flattered.

FYI- when I click on your name from my blog to send a comment back to you, it takes me to your old blog.


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